The thing I like about Gunpla (short for Gundam Plastic Models) is that it’s basically LEGO with an extra element of craft involved. You need to be a little careful cutting out the parts, but also you can use markers to make the paneling pop out more. It’s sort of like manual Ambient Occlusion in a way.

Kaitlin & I were at the MoPOP a while ago and in the horror exhibit there were a bunch of plastic model runners on the walls. Seeing them up there kinda jogged my memory about how its kinda fun to put together models.

Also, I’ve been playing a lot of Overwatch lately and really like this awesome Gundam-inspired Pharah skin. I was looking for some sort of Pharah figure, but all of the ones available aren’t that great.

So I figured I would just cut to the chase and build a Gundam.

Now, a month later, I’ve built 4 and bought 8 different ones. I started with a pretty basic small one, but eventually got into the 1/100 scale Master Grade Gundams. I really like the level of detail in the MG ones compared to the smaller guys. Everything is just a little bit higher quality.

Now the main problem is that I’m running out of space on my desk for these things.